Autrement en photographie

In a world now dominated by digital techniques, the older processes have had a difficult time remaining in favour. Nonetheless, certain photographers have opted for the less-travelled roads, drawing upon more traditional techniques in a judicious blend of old and new. Artistic creativity would appear to be the engine that keeps certain practices alive, which would have otherwise faded into oblivion.


Digital tools constitute only one layer of possibilities, adding to those already in existence. After nearly 175 years since its inception, photography as a means of expression is continuing its complex evolution.


This project brings together the work of eight passionate conjurors of photographic images, who are each concerned with the end result of the exhibited image, but who have each taken their own path to achieve it.


Essays by Robert M. Hébert and Guy Lafontaine. Photographs by Nathalie Ampleman, Jessica Auer, Michel Bérard, René Bolduc, Ginette Clément, Guy Glorieux, Jean‐François Hamelin and Guy Lafontaine.